Everyone can benefit from being more productive, especially those who have careers based on innovation, detailed work, and problem-solving techniques. This is the case for web developers, who must remain focused and productive in their work. The process of web developing requires an atmosphere that encourages work efficiency and successful projects.

If you are a web developer who wants to increase productivity in your work, there are many ways to achieve this goal!

Creating a productive space

The space around you is the first step to being productive. If space doesn’t work efficiently, neither will you. Here are some tips on making sure your space is set up for productive and effective work.

Distraction-free environment

Keeping the space around you distraction-free is important to stay focused. Below are some ways to accomplish this:

Keep the space quiet:

  • Mute any non-urgent notifications, such as social media or email
  • Reduce background noises, such as office televisions or radio

Keep the space clean:

  • Use an organised desk that provides easy access to work materials 
  • Reduce clutter to promote focus for the current project     

Keep the set-up functional:

  • Use devices that increase productivity, such as two computer screens
  • Make sure that the device and software are familiar and easy to work on
  • Research what devices and software are recommended by other web developers

Productive practices

While working space is important to increasing productivity, it is also important to consider making adjustments to your work style and practices. Below are some ways to achieve this:

1. Manage time

Given the nature of the career, web developers can become inundated with work projects and assignments. It is important to organise the time spent on work as a way to minimise stress and maximise productivity.

Schedule breaks

In order to stay productive and focused, it is important to take time and rest your body and mind. Even taking 10-15 minutes is a good way to prevent burn out and encourage fresh ideas.

Some break ideas for web developers:

  • Take a short walk around the office or area outside
  • Stretch and move your body, especially by standing
  • Listen to music or a meditation
  • Chat with a fellow coworker or friend
  • Eat a snack or drink a hydrating beverage

Use automated programs

Web developers should consider automated software as a time-saving tool. Automated software can be used to complete jobs and tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. Although the set-up of this software may take time, the results of this set-up will save valuable time in the future.

Invest in learning

Being prepared can be a great time-saving tool that will help promote productivity. Education allows web developers to prepare and better understand the software, resources, and skills needed to effectively complete their job. Learning can be time-consuming initially but can save you time in the long run.

Investing in learning can:

  • Increase comfort for certain devices and software
  • Provide information on short-cuts that can reduce the time spent on tasks 
  • Increase confidence in personal ability to complete a job

2. Manage tasks

Prioritise and persevere

Due to the number or tasks and assignments that you may have as a web developer, it is important to prioritise tasks based on their importance and to continue working despite any hiccups.

Tips on prioritising and persevering:

  • Rank tasks according to the amount of time they need to be completed
  • Consider how long tasks will take and create artificial due dates for encouragement
  • When struggling to correct an issue, move on to another task and return to it later


Rather than jumping right into a task head first, it is better to conceptualise the ideal result. This practice can increase motivation and create a clear picture of the project goal. This helps web developers before they reach the stage of development.

Ways to conceptualise:

  • Create visual templates and demos of the project
  • Use these drafts as visual-guides or building blocks
  • Make changes if needed, but use these plans while working towards the goal

3. Communicate and network

Lastly, communication and networking are an important practice that web developers should implement into their work.

  • Network or brainstorm with other web developers for creativity and confidence
  • Create strong communication with clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Discuss any concerns or alterations with clients that may need to be made

Final thoughts

Although there are infinite ways to achieve productive work, the tips outlined in this article can serve as a starting point. By implementing these strategies, web developers can improve the efficiency of their work and utilise their time more effectively.

Thanks for reading!

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Posted on June 23rd, 2017  and last modified on July 31st, 2017.