Managed WordPress Services

Save time and increase results by offloading all your
WordPress headaches to us...

Hosting. Maintenance. Security.

Delegate an unlimited number of small jobs to us​…

Never lift a finger

Because your time is better spent on your business

Bug free site

Because a broken site means lost customers


Because you need to delegate without worrying about the cost


Plans include preventative maintenance and hosting

Same day fixes

Swift replies and our level best to apply your site fixes within a day


Because your website is under constant attack

Here are a few of the ways we can help you…

Ask us and we’ll fix small issues and make improvements to your site.

Improve your website’s speed
Increase your search engine rankings
Grow your email list
Boost conversions
Gain new blog readers

Premium WordPress Hosting

The foundation of any successful website is high quality hosting. Lightening fast, incredibly reliable, iron clad security all designed and optimised only for WordPress. ​Read more…


Because hacks mean a damaged reputation and downtime, or worse.


Because speed matters to your visitors and for SEO. A lot!

Suitably Geeky

Because you need to be assured it ticks all the technical boxes.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

Our WordPress experts manually check your website every month, performing a plethora of preventative maintenance to keep your site ticking along smoothly. This includes security and malware scans, updating WordPress core, your theme and plugins. Fixing bugs and making sure there’s a regular backup in case the worst happens.

WordPress, Plugins and Theme updates, checked by humans.

Regular malware scans and robust security systems.

Proactive bug fixing and maintenance.

Unlimited Minor WordPress Tasks

Our helpful and knowledgeable team are on hand for you to delegate an unlimited number of minor tasks. We aim to respond within an hour or less for urgent requests. At least 2 of our team will be familiar with your website and we keep a well documented log of previous requests so you won’t have to repeat yourself.

Unlimited minor change requests to your website.

Get your site fixes applied the same day.

2 team members familiar with your website.

Comprehensive Website Audit

Discover where your website is leaking money…

Small tweaks to your website can add thousands to your bottom line. Our expert audit service is a deep assessment of your website, providing you with an 8 page report detailing the following 6 critical areas. If there’s a list of things which need fixing, we may be able to fix them as part of the unlimited support service, or if they are large jobs, we’ll provide an estimate of what it will cost as a one off engagement.


Are you doing everything to turn visitors into leads.


A slow site will kill your SEO rankings and put off visitors.


Is your site friendly for search engines.


Does your site have best practice security features and controls.

Mobile friendly

Does your site work well on mobile devices, tablets ​and​ desktops?


Your site, your data - do you have the control you should have?

Our Packages


Detailed written report

Quickly identify whether your site leaks money

Video walkthrough of key points

One off charge


Premium quality hosting

Free SSL

Built in caching


WordPress Core updates

No resource limits

Nightly backups

Custom control panel

Developer friendly features

Support not included

Monthly fee

Hosting & Maintenance

Audit included

Hosting included

WordPress Core updates

Theme and Plugin updates

Human checks after updates

Malware scan

Performance report

Proactive maintenance and bug fixing

Support not included

Cost of Audit (once off) + monthly fee

Hosting, Maintenance & Unlimited Support

Audit included

Hosting included

Maintenance included

Unlimited monthly minor tasks

Monthly fee (audit free of charge)

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all we consider minor website tasks as any task or group of tasks requested that will take 1 hour or less to complete.

For example this could include adding a blog post using content you supply, uploading an image, fixing a small problem, installing a plugin, reducing the file size of an image.

Anything that would take longer than 1 hour will be quoted in advance.

From our point of view, we can easily work on these small tasks in around other projects or urgent issues that arise. But if we get lumped with several hours work, we need to charge extra for that time.

  • A ​good way to think about this is by imagining an e-commerce website:
  • You ask us to add a single product which is something that will take less than 1 hr so it is covered; but
  • if you give us a list of 20 new products to add, it would take several hours so we would quote extra for this; and
  • if you emailed us 1 product at a time over the course of the day, we might still need to lump them together and quote extra for it​; however
  • If you sent the 20 products one at a time every couple of days over the course of a month that would be no issue and we would not charge extra.

Overall we aim to be fair and reasonable - we want a good, long term relationship that will work for both you and us. We do understand that there will be times where you need to make a lot of requests, but our expectation is that you will also go through quieter periods as well. This service is not a replacement for a full time developer.

We do our very best to respond within an hour and get to work on your fixes the same day. Our team monitor support requests 24 hours during week days. We do not guarantee a fix time, but we make every effort to get to work as soon as possible after we're clear what the task is. We prioritise urgent tasks which means that if there's a generalised security outbreak, we'll focus on protecting all sites we look after, including yours, above implementing website changes - we do this because we feel security is the number one priority, next to site uptime.

We keep an eye on emails over the weekend for urgent emails, but anything non urgent we’ll get to on Monday.

No, simply because speed optimisation is usually an involved job which takes more than an hour. However, we’re happy to quote you for that separately.

Our support is offered by email. You’re welcome to send us a video message using a tool like or which can be helpful if you need to explain something and display your screen at the same time.

No, we don’t believe in locking you into long contract periods. Instead, we prefer to survive on the merits of our service and the value we aim to provide to your business. If for any reason you wish to cancel, we will be happy to help you migrate away to another service.

No, not usually unless you want us to.

There’ll always be two people who know your website in case one gets sick. As further backup, we keep all history of your requests and our internal discussions about your website documented and easily to hand, so that any of our team can jump in and help.