We provide a range of White Label Cloud hosting services designed for web developers.

Powered by In-Tuition Networks Ltd – a UK provider of managed hosting and email services since 2002. Find out more about In-Tuition Networks and the team behind this service by visiting www.intuitionnetworks.net.

What do we offer?

In-Tuition Cloud Services offers multiple products for your cloud hosting needs featuring Zimbra, WordPress and Email Security. The team behind In-Tuition Cloud Services has pooled their decades of knowledge, hard won experience and focus to develop highly secure infrastructure for the management of your data. We own and manage the equipment which underpins our hosting platform so that we’re in complete control – servers, switches, routers and storage – they are all ours.

We are one of the first European Zimbra partners in 2006 and the first to achieve Gold Partner status. We’ve worked closely with the Zimbra team ever since and have become their trusted “go to” partner, working with some of their largest UK clients.

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Are you interested?

We are confident you will feel secure and satisfied with our platforms for Managed Zimbra, Managed WordPress or Email Security.
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What can you expect?

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UK Sovereignty

We go to great lengths to protect your data and to ensure that our email equipment is hosted only within the United Kingdom – our Tier III UK data centres are in London and Manchester. The equipment which backs the service is owned by us and we are a UK limited company. All of this costs us more in the long run, but we feel it’s a vital to give you peace of mind.

Experts offer Expert Support

We know how important getting a timely, concise and accurate answer is when you are trying to solve a problem. Our helpful and knowledgeable UK-based support team offers prompt help via email or phone and is always ready to assist. We’ve encountered pretty much all related support issues so there isn’t much we can’t answer accurately in the first reply!

White Label End User Support Portal

We’ve recently launched a white label online support portal which we’re busy updating with help and support articles for all of In-Tuition’s Cloud Services products. You can send your clients to this portal, safe in the knowledge that we’re invisible. We’ll make sure we never publish links back to the In-Tuition websites or contact information.

Make Bigger Profits

Reseller-friendly prices, unique applications and simple admin mean better margins for your business.

Premium Hosting. Great Value.

We want everyone to be able to have access to the best WordPress hosting available today. So we’ve priced it extremely competitively. You won’t find this quality of hosting at the same price elsewhere.

Zero Downtime Migration

The key to a successful implementation of a new host or an email solution is a smooth migration of data from the existing system to the new platform. We’ll make sure everything is migrated and working before you make the switch meaning zero downtime for you and your clients.


We use SSL to encrypt your communications with the services and our email servers use TLS for communicating with third parties. We encrypt all backup data before it’s transferred to separate backup storage locations. Our two UK data centres are ISO 27001 accredited, Tier III.

Guaranteed or your money back

100% email delivery guarantee and 99.9% guaranteed uptime (although we’ve delivered much higher than that on average) means no more having to explain to your customers why their email is down.