During the next two weeks, we’re releasing updates which will allow you to select where you want your customers’ Zimbra mailboxes to be hosted – Paris in France, or the UK.

In-Tuition has Zimbra servers in both the UK and Paris, France and so by setting your preference during provisioning, you’ll be able to decide.

For existing domains, already hosted on our Zimbra UK platform, you’ll be able to request a seamless migration to the Paris installation. If you don’t do anything, the mailboxes will stay hosted within the UK.

How does Brexit affect access to data?

Currently as stated by the Institute of Government, personal data is freely transferred across European Economic Area (EEA) members, which includes all 32 countries of the European Union. Once Brexit happens, the UK (a third country) may no longer be apart of the EU which can drastically impact their free flow of data with the EU.

As a third country, could the UK be awarded data adequacy?

The Commission has awarded 11 countries/territories data protection. There is no guarantee the UK will be awarded adequacy decision however, the recent implementation of GDPR and the Law Enforcement Directive in the 2018 Data Protection Plan were a step in the right direction. In saying so, there are many factors that come to play with this decision, which are outlined here.

What happens if the UK is not awarded data adequacy?

The short answer is that the UK could lose free access to data from the EU and any partnering nations in the data adequacy agreement.

By giving you the choice of where your customers’ mailboxes should be hosted – Paris (within the EU) or remaining in the UK, you have the flexibility to decide for yourself.

Nobody knows what will come of Brexit, but we know for sure that you don’t have to worry!

Posted on March 8th, 2019  and last modified on March 8th, 2019.