If you want to grow your following and reach a wider audience, you have to create content that sells. Not only do you need to attract the attention of readers, you need to deliver content that is engaging and worth sharing!

Below are 7 steps you should consider when writing your blog posts. These tips will generate links and shares! Follow these rules, and your content is ready to go viral.

1. Let your creative juices flow

In this world of new innovation and creativity, it may feel impossible to come up with something new BUT originality is the key to success! Readers want new, fresh information and will be more likely to share your content if they can’t find it anywhere else.

The more original you are, the more people will remember you!

2. Interact with your audience

Allowing your readers to interact with you and your content is a great way to increase engagement. Sometimes it can be difficult to make your content interactive, especially when you produce traditional content. However, interactivity is a quality that you should take advantage of.

Asking readers to comment their thoughts/experiences or inviting them to contribute to your piece, will encourage them to like and share your content with others!

3. Present valuable information

When people think ‘viral’ most think about memes, GIFs, and other social content that spreads like wildfire on the web. Even though this type of content does generate lots of likes and shares, they do not create a substantial following or attract new leads.

Your content needs to informative to grab the genuine attention of readers and make them willing to share it with others. As a business, your content must include valuable information that is relevant to you and your brand!

4. Make your content practical!

There is a delicate balance when it comes to the information you are sharing. As a business, you want to offer quality and important information. But you want to make sure this information is practical and useful for your readers.

People are much more likely to share your content if they find it relatable and believe that others will actually benefit from it.

5. Spice things up using visuals

Yes, copy is a great way to share information however, it shouldn’t be the only way to deliver your content! Too much-written copy can be dense and make readers move on. Instead, use visual content to make your pieces more interesting and attractive!

Use colored graphs, infographics, photos, videos… Anything that will be interesting and easy for your readers to consume!

6. Don’t be too serious

I think we’ve all experienced what its like to read content that is monotone, boring, and dense. This type of content is not fun to consume! To avoid giving readers this ‘dull’ experience, it’s important to add a bit of entertainment into your content.

Be funny! Use a light tone of humor! Not too much that the information you give will no longer be taken seriously, but just enough that readers will relate to your content and find it worth sharing.

7. Schedule your posts accordingly

It can be hard to know when the best time to post is. Trends fluctuate very quickly, and it can be hard to keep up with everything that is going on. But posting at the right time is a great way for others to get the most out of your content!

If your content is relevant to a certain current event, make sure you don’t miss the mark! Post within a day or two to get maximum engagement and shares.

Take home message

It can be difficult to grow your business and reach a wider audience, but delivering content that is engaging and worth sharing is the key to doing this!

The above 7 strategies are worth your consideration when you are creating content and writing blog posts. These tips will generate links and shares, and set your content up to go viral!

Thanks for reading!

Posted on March 30th, 2018  and last modified on March 30th, 2018.