Whether you want to learn to code for a career change or as a hobby, there are many websites that can help you achieve this goal.

Below is a list of 5 websites that offer lessons or tutorials on how to code. This article will discuss the websites, as well as their features and services, to help you decide which platform offers what you are looking for.



  • Easy – Intermediate
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby, APIs, and more
  • Free

Codecademy is a well structured, popular website for anyone who is interested in learning to code. With over 45 million users, including students and businesses, Codecademy offers a wide variety of courses that are hands-on and interactive. Each course is delivered using panels and instructions to help guide your learning and practise your code. In addition to the lessons themselves, Codecademy also offers articles, discussions, and glossaries that you can turn to for learning, thinking, innovation and inspiration.

Check it out here: codecademy.com

Khan Academy


  • Easy – Intermediate
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, ProcessingJS, and more
  • Free

Khan Academy is a fast growing website for those interested in learning how to code. Although Khan Academy does not deliver lessons in a traditional structured way like Codecademy, learning is delivered through project-oriented lessons at your own discretion and freedom. There is no specific language that Khan Academy uses in their lessons, however, most of the content focuses on teaching code for user interaction such as animations, games, or web pages. Lessons are hands-on where users are challenged throughout their learning process with practise exercises and instructional videos.

Check it out here: khanacademy.org



  • Easy – Professional
  • C, C#, Python, Visual Basic, Java, and more
  • Basic $1999 or Premium $2999

Lynda is a leading platform for that learning code for personal and professional interests. Like Khan Academy, Lynda provides a more generalist method of learning. Lynda’s curriculum holds an array of courses with various topics, with most lessons focusing on multimedia, software, and coding skills. These detailed and in-depth lessons are delivered through video format and are offered through two pricing packages. Basic monthly subscription of $1999 offers users unlimited access to all lessons, as well as quizzes and multi-device access. Premium monthly subscription of $2999 offers users all the benefits of the basic package, but with additional offline access and project files to practise what you learn.

Check it out here: lynda.com



  • Easy – Professional
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby, iOS, Android, and more
  • Basic $25 or Pro Plan $49

Treehouse is another website that many beginners and professionals use to learn how to code. Like Khan Academy and Lynda, Treehouse offers project-oriented lessons. Topics are presented through video and quiz formats and focus on learning for websites and applications. Each course has stages of learning, and while the first stage of the lesson is free anything further comes at a price. For the Basic Plan, users can subscribe monthly for $25 to access the rest of the course videos, as well as interactive tools, on-demand learning, and a community of other students. For additional services, such as a live-practise platform, bonus content, and contact with industry leaders, users can subscribe to the monthly Pro Plan for $49.

Check it out here: teamtreehouse.com



  • Easy – Professional
  • Web development, HTML5, Python, Javascript, Algorithm, and more.
  • Free, or degrees at a cost

Udacity is a website that offers coding lessons to anyone interested, from beginners to professionals. Udacity also teaches through focused and specialized project-oriented courses, however, the lessons are presented in video format with quizzes throughout the lessons. These tutorials are short and concise, allowing you to spend more time practising your knowledge and less time reading through heavy content. Although there are many courses that users can take for free, Udacity also offers more detailed courses and programs such as Nanodegrees at a cost (see website for specific pricing) for those who wish to gain further understanding and education.

Check it out here: udacity.com

Final thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these websites offer effective educational services and opportunities for learning how to code. Be sure to explore and check out these websites further if you feel that they offer what you are looking for, and comment below if there are any sites that you found helpful when learning to code.

Thanks for reading!

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Posted on October 12th, 2017  and last modified on January 4th, 2018.