Basic Standard Professional Business Enterprise
Target Customer

The ideal customer for each package type

Users who require email only features

Cost effective option with essential collaboration features, powerful web based document editing and ability to add optional extra features as required. Ideal for admin staff, temporary workers or home/office users

With sophisticated, real time Outlook and Mobile connectivity included in the price, plus powerful web based document editing, this option is ideal for mobile road warriors and home office workers

Business class email and collaboration features, powerful web document editing along with email archiving for compliance, makes this option ideal for businesses and larger teams

Fully featured, plus enterprise level compliance features makes this package ideal for larger businesses or regulated organisations

Mailbox Size

This is the amount of included storage in the mailbox. It is also the hard quota set when the mailbox is provisioned. Administrators can change the mailbox size in the control panel at any time. There is no charge for changing the quota of a mailbox - we charge only once the mailbox uses more than the amount of storage listed here for each package type

1 GB 10 GB 30 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Zimbra Email & Collaboration

Zimbra Version 8.8.15

Business-grade email, calendar, contacts, tasks and briefcase document store

Advanced Webmail for 'anywhere' access

Touch client for tablets and smartphones

Offline web client support for Firefox and Chrome - work offline even when using webmail

Business-grade email and contacts only

IMAP Support

IMAP is a protocol that synchronises your emails between your Zimbra mailbox and your mobile device or desktop computer

Zimbra Docs

Edit your documents, spreadsheets and presentations online

Online Word, Excel and Powerpoint editor</p

Edit and save files directly in Zimbra Drive

Fully featured

Zimbra Drive

Store your files directly within Zimbra

Personal file store (Drive)

Integration with Zimbra Docs

Team sharing

Zimbra Connect

Team Chat and Video Communication

1:1 & group chat

Group & channel video calls

File sharing

Screen sharing

Emojis, presence & status indicators




Outlook for Windows (Zimbra Connector)

Provides real time synchronisation of email, contacts, tasks, calendar to Outlook running on Windows


Outlook for Mac (EWS Support)

Allows you to connect Outlook for Mac using the MS Exchange EWS protocol.

Provides real time synchronisation of email, contacts, tasks, calendar to Outlook running on Mac


Zimbra Mobile (Active Sync & Device Management)

Realtime automatic sync of your Zimbra data with your mobile device

Remote wipe or lock devices

Will work with any device which supports the MS Exchange server ActiveSync protocol


Encrypted Email (S/MIME)

Send and receive S/MIME encrypted email

Email Archiving

Copy all sent and received to a secondary, legally compliant archive mailbox

1 and 10 year retention options available

Users can be granted read only access to view the archive, but can't modify it


1 year included 1 year included

Features to help you collaborate with your internal and external team members

- Internal
  your domain
- External
- Public

Receive & process meeting requests

Group calendar with meeting scheduler

Automatic company directory (GAL)

Send-As and Send-On-Behalf-Of capabilities allowing you to delegate access to your mailbox

People search

Resource scheduling


Features which save you time and increase your productivity

Enhanced Feature Integration

Priority Inbox Assistant

Instant Search

Document Viewer so you can view documents even if you don't have the software installed on your computer

Compliance Features

Features which help you meet ever changing compliance requirements

Legal compliance search and discovery

Company-wide outgoing email disclaimer (footer)




Dumpster (Trash Recovery)

Users are able to restore of items after the trash has been emptied.

7 days history

7 days history

7 days history

7 days history

30 days history with optional upgrade to up to 90 days history

Money Saving Features

Unlimited mailbox aliases and distribution lists

Persona support so that you can send "From" different email addresses, without having to maintain multiple mailboxes

Send-As and Send-On-Behalf-Of capabilities allowing you to delegate access to your mailbox

Unlimited mailbox aliases and distribution lists only

Backup and Security

Virus and spam filtering

User level spam filter 'training'

Data sync onto two separate storage systems for increased data security

Daily account-level backups for disaster recovery

Ability to request restores from within the control panel

Service Level

100% Email delivery guarantee

UK and European Tier 3+ data centres

Industrial-grade infrastructure

Obsessive data safety - real time replication and backups

Data Migration

Zero downtime migration service optional

Exchange migration wizard

PST import wizard

Mailbox level import tools

Mailbox level import from external mailbox


Real-time control panel giving you full control over all aspects of the service

One click upgrade/downgrade between plans

Mix and match package types on a single domain

Mix and match CoS (package) types on a single domain

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